Articles Ranking 1st Page of Bing

Recently, I am publishing articles regularly those articles ranked on the 1st page of Bing in 2 days.
But Those articles are not ranking in Google.


They are different that’s why.

I searched exact title with site name in google not showing in results.

It’s like driving in a diesel car and getting an average of 30 KM/L, and then switching to a petrol one and complaining about 15 KM/L average.

Diesel and Petrol are used for the same purpose, but they are different.

Similarly, Google and Bing are search engines, but they are completely different. Ranking in Google is far more complicated than Bing.


Algorithm for both search engines is very different. Bing is not that relevant because ranking on Bing is not that hard as compared to Google. There are around 50 articles on my blog that are showing as featured snippets on Bing while doesn’t even reach the first page of Google.

@Saksham Kya Explain Kiya :woozy_face:


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Debug that article URLs this way

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Google bot is busy to index news websites all the time.

After publishing an article ping it at pingfarm, pinglr etc sites to call it ASAP!

This method works when you have a regular frequency of publishing posts.

Alternative use the frequency in sitemap as “Always” or “Daily” so the Google Bot will crawl your sitemaps on the basis and your article will index.
“Always” is better for high posting sites while “Daily” is suitable for personal blogs.

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More posts in a day ~ Quick Indexing

Google crawl sites often which regularly updates.