Ask me anything about SEO Audit

You are writing Awesome content, still not performing well! What to do? The first step, I would recommend is doing SEO audit.

What is SEO Audit?
A technical process to get Insight about your overall website performance in terms of Search Engine Optimisation.

Why SEO audit is important?
A properly done Audit with a professional SEO tool such as Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Semrush, AHREFS and working on the right priority thing can help you in improving your website SEO.

Where to Start? What most important point to look?

In Search Console, am getting too many Not found errors, what should I do?
Is 404 natural or unexpected? Try to fix it making page live or redirecting to the relevant path.

Some resources are blocked, what to do?
Probably, because you are blocking CSS and JS Path. Fix by removing Disallow rule for it in the robots.txt file.

What is Structural Data and how to fix its Error?
It is related of Schema markup, that helps Googlebot to better understand about any site. You should use Schema-Friendly WordPress theme. If you are getting error, please report to its Developer. You can also try using Schema Plugin.

What should I look in the Sitemap?
If you are using Yoast SEO Sitemap, it should be working fine. Make sure, all links are HTTPS and image path points to the correct destination.

How to use Screaming Frog to improve Site SEO?
Screaming Frog, bit ugly but worth using for improving on site SEO. It is a crawler, which can debug SEO issues of your complete website/bulk URLs at once.

I hope this helps. Have any question? Please ask now.

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@Winnie Is your WordPress theme showing entry meta? If no, set it for displaying it and test again via Structural Data Testing Tool.

Sample entry meta
By author | Category | Published on 20 May 2018

If you can share your URL, it would be easier to understand and elaborate further.

First of all you need check those errors from any of the below link, and follow its suggestion accordingly.

Interesting, Chrome Console can also help in debugging the issue page by page.

Try the code which I sent you.

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Excellent. I was actually about to ask you for a #daily_dose that has a checklist for tasks that need to be done before officially launching site.

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  • Open Search Console Property > Click on Search Traffic > Internal Links > Download this table

Assuming you are Yoast SEO Plugin, its Internal feature can be helpful for you.

  • Go to Yoast > General Settings > Enable Text Link Counter


This way you can easily find out on which posts you need to improve Internal Links counts.


Okay, try this one tool for checking Internal Links.

Hi, sir just want to something, i have a website "acme infolabs. com" but i am not able to see the favicon on the SERP I already submitted and nothing error has been found after using many sites for SEO audit m asking you please help me out how do i resolve it.

You can generate favicon.ico file online from any image and add same in the absolute directory of WordPress where it exists. Typically, /var/www/html or public_html

you have a good experience!