[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


Seems, Anoop always enjoying. :blush:



It’s bad :frowning:


Are nahi sir , sab bad bad kah rhe hai. Isliye mai good bol rha hu . Taki thoda rahat mil ske members ko.




I recently started using Adsense, to be frank, I am a little confused with RPM, can anyone help me with this.


Its revenue per thousand impressions.


BTW Youtube is better than Adsense.
Earned 3$ with 300 views :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, @laalsalaam , I am not good with video stuff. Still learning things.


share youtube link I want to follow you


Today RPM is $5.01 and CPC is $0.10 . Is it normal ?


Its fantastic. Better than everyone else here.
I have RPM of .6$


Really? I get 0.10 for even 1000 views in YouTube…


My new blog!

My blog URL: Use google search Gopal Blogger


Thanks for suggesting search query.
Got it.


BTW, the design smells a lot like Softpedia. :stuck_out_tongue:


My revenue is down by 20% :frowning:


You are still lucky.
My RPM CPC is down by 40%

Revenue is down in same proportion of traffic or traffic is same?


Yes suddenly earning 35% down and traffic about 30% down .


Ordered a watch and shoes right now with 50% discount.


From last 7 days getting only 60% earning of average earning.:pensive: 40% loss.