[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


Independence day made me happy.

Adsense low earnings made me sad?

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Traffic drop makes me sad.


Today no traffic on sites.
Everyone is enjoying holiday and here you observing Adsense thread.
Go sing Vande Matram.


My traffic drop has nothing to do with festivals in India. In fact, today India is performing better than normal days.


Today is without any thought the worst day of month.

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Bad day


Ab to adat si hone lagi hai. Another bad day. :disappointed_relieved:


can anybody help me? Is it a glitch? or something else? stats are not proper in 2-5 AM


I checked the bandwidth and it was low at that time. Can someone help me…i have no idea what’s going on.


your site was probably down.


Should I Contact The Hosting Provider :thinking:
Is there any way to check the down status, I am using Godaddy. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking My site got attacked :no_mouth:


How much pageviews do you have?


17-19K/day. I am on delux plan.


You’re earning good enough to afford a better host than Godaddy?


The problem is I just renewed it(13 days ago) for 2 years(both; domain and hosting) and now I have 0 balance :sweat_smile:. I did not face this issue in past so I thought to continue with GoDaddy. I was wrong!


https://www.pingdom.com/product/uptime-monitoring/ Sign up here and it will notify you when your website goes down.


Thanks! I’ll check it out


Yoast bug created 1200+ blank pages and they are finally deindexed.


Overall bad day.
This month itself is bad.

But thanks to USA, a single click fo 9$ covered up losses.

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[August 2018] Google Updates and search changes

Does Adsense do anything about websites that ask users to click on their ads? Because I’m seeing a site doing something similar from months or maybe years, minting money and Adsense doing nothing about it.