[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


I think one need to report this website.
It is unethical as it cause loss to genuine advertisers and brings down overall cpc.


I’m sure someone must have reported against it but still Adsense isn’t bothered. I can’t even imagine the losses Advertisers must be incurring because of these shady webmasters. and this is affecting genuine and hardworking webmasters as well


Bad day


I’ve totally given up now. daily average is just going down and down


Same, ever since my traffic dropped :pensive:


Lost hope in Adsense?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Lost hope for August month

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Today AdSense is working or not? Traffic more than same day last week but earnings not even half


It’s because the value of Indian currency depleted. It affects the Indian advertisers badly.


But rupee is not depreciated by 50% Hardly 5% compared to last month.


Go and study.


I have never seen such a low RPM.
If it was July I would have made double of what made today. :frowning:

Adsense revenue is falling faster than Turkey economy.



August is always bad.


But this month is wasted.
You never know Google may come with :hammer:


Yes even webmasterworld is silent. No one posting there either.


Okay, wait I’m crying there rn. brb


Whats good in this?


Last reply on 17. HGK >>>> webmasterworld.


Your site has automated unique content. It’ll do fine.


Problem is Google is showing all of this in featured snippets.
People search get a big table on google page and go away (I came to know by looking at impression and visits in google webmasters)


Then ask Google to place your ad codes near the snippets :smile: