[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


I have noticed one thing. Search is gradually dieing. Even you are ranked in top 10 results (first page only), the CTR in SERP is almost zero unless you are on very first 3 results. So work on your website branding and make millions of people remember your site to servive in blogging. Otherwise no CTR, no ad impressions in near future.


Its present, you are in past.


Another bad day?

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  • Adsense???

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This forum is dead more times than my Adsense earnings.

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Bad August continues

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Core Update ruined everything


Testing meme. :smile:
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Today Nepal CPC is higher than Indian CPC.


congrats @anon4497068


66 clicks 0.94$ :rage::rage::rage::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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46 clicks 1.24$ link ads sucksssss.

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still better than me

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But in YouTube, 24000 page views, 1000 clicks, only $2 :(:cry:


Does anyone received Adsense Payment for July month? They sent me the payment 21st August, but till now, it’s not credited to my bank account.


Received yesterday itself.
Icici bank coversion rate 67.5


Drop of CTR 80% in 3 days, I recently noticed that on one of my sites when you click on ad, it now says “Visit Site” and you have to click it a second time in order to visit the advertiser’s site. Has anyone else seen this? Please let me know if you have


It’s unofficially called double-click penalty.


I have to wait for Monday. Beacause tomorrow is 4th Saturday and then Sunday. Oh God. :disappointed_relieved:


Even I haven’t received the money


Turkish People are closing their local websites and open a new blog in foreign language :slight_smile: