[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


BTW what exactly happened with Turk economy?
USA is behind you guys for what? You got no oil.


Because we hate on Israel and Trump love them so much. Israel is child killer. Also, Russia and Turkey are working together in order to develop their own army. USA don’t want that too.

I can say 10 more reasons… :slight_smile:


Take care.
USA economy runs on weapons.
They have to sell them.


Received Today Around 4pm,
Conversion Rate - 70


You serious?
Which bank? Your received INR or PKR?


Turkey blew off a Russian jet last year


mine is 69.3, Bank of baroda


corporation Bank ,
And obviously INR bro. , :grin::grin:


I am the one who got least.
Time to change bank :frowning:

ICICI is looting me.


You Should Get More Than 68 , at any case


Which niche?
On my channel around 5000 views this week and made 5$.
Actually I do not produce more videos. Hardly 1 in 3 months.


Tech Problems and Solutions. Traffic are organic but wondering why the revenue is so low…!


mine is 69 kotak bank


Youtube has advertisement problems for last one year. Thats why a lot of youtubers use patreon and include a sponsored ad in video.



That rise in 404 errors, thanks to yoast’s buggy update that messed up everything. 1.7K blank pages.


What you mean?


You are a Youtuber you should know about Youtube Ad crisis


yes I’m also got 70 =1$ , today $ higher than yesterday


Which bank?


union bank of india