[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


@laalsalaam SIR
3 months back I was using ICICI bank and I got around 64-66 since then dollar was around 67-68
But my best experience is with Kotak Mahindra Bank, they pay upto date dollars rate.


I received ICICI bank with 68.75 dollar


This month I have more pageviews than July but earnings are down by 30%.
Bad August, hate you Adsense.

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got 2 clicks yesterday and earned .40$ from indian traffic


It’s bad.


Has the latest Yoast update caused that? Which version Yoast SEO you’re using? I am using 7.6.1.


No, the older version caused it. They have fixed the issue a while ago.


3000+ blank pages deleted and counting.


So go back to old yoast update.


they fixed the issue but it was too late, Google indexed them and it’s getting removed now after so many months. Damage is done.


Today Adsense reporting seems to be broken.
Indian CPC showing .20$ and CTR is very low.

[August 2018] Google Updates and search changes

My cpc always 0.02 . It is hindi site .


Received July Payment on SBI and the conversation rate also good ₹69.60/$.


I have faced same with English language site also.


On this forum Adsense will not work. Beacause, 99% members on this forum are bloggers and they know the Adsense ads. So, members are not clicking on it.

No clicks means no earnings and long time no clicks can cause low cpc or RPM.

I Think adsense will not work on that websites or fourms, if their niche is Blogging, WordPress or similar like this.


Instead AdSense, I prefer Affiliate which is a neat and clean option.


RPM is too low but overall better than yesterday.

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@BihariLala Webmasterworld Adsense thread is dead. People stopped earning in August?


They are busy with Google search update.


I think I am the only one who had the best month, in-fact this month was my highest earning in my Adsense career.