[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


Congratulations. Must share your Secret Tips on this forum.


I don’t have any secret. I post 3-5 articles daily, Improve my site speed. I hired some seo guy from freelancer I pay him every month for the seo works, I think that has helped me a lot now I am ranking higher than my competitor.


That Newspaper theme is way too slow imho. Are you using the Newspaper 9? It’s even heavy.


Yes I am using newspaper latest version. I have not seen any issue with speed, my site loads in less than 1.5 sec


It’s mostly AdSense which affect the load time due to random third-party domain HTTP requests.


Wow!! :hushed:


I also used Newpaper 9 theme and it’s working fine for me. Good speed with DO Bangalore Hosting.

Suddenly noticed a CPC hike on Adsense. God’s know what happing. Earning is good enough, at least compared to Yesterday’s earning.


Use affiliate along with AdSense, AdSense also pays for impressions. BTW, wait for a month and we will analyse clicks, impressions, CTR an CPC.
Sometimes bloggers may found good advertisement - one day I found a good advertisement and I saw that.


Hi @sajjad and @gulshankumar
Its not like that, the forum does not earn from AdSense, when you will search top earning websites in the world, the second one is a forum website.

Ref: https://www.wrock.org/top-12-google-adsense-earning-websites-their-rank-traffic/

The website is:

Since, I didn’t found any AdSense ad now. But they were using may be this is due to some optimization or anything that there is no ad today.


I was wondering, if I create a website on the same niche that I have right now and use the same Adsense codes, will Adsense ban me? Suppose, if a visitor clicks on an ad on website 1 and then visits website 2 and again clicks on the ad, will adsense ban me for invalid activity?


They will not but make sure both sites are on different server/IP addresses, for SEO reasons.


Thank you Bihari Lala :blush:


It’s been a long time (July 2010) since Digital Point has been banned from Google AdSense, and even when they were using it they had not enough traffic to earn $550,000 / month. The stats are outright wrong.


Digitalpoint was one of the first to earn huge money from internet.
The forum owner used to make 5-6 million each month from Ebay only.
He was earning good at that time and pageviews were around 1 billion a year.

I read it on forum or some blog.


Last 2 days are good :slight_smile:

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Never believe everything you read on forums and blogs. Not every source is trustworthy. And keep in mind DP has been banned from AdSense since 2010.


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I missed this poll but it’s no from me as always.


I’m down by 400$ this month


how much do you make per month now?