[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


Same Here :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Down By 250$


You are kanjoos. You do not pay to your writers well, so Adsense does not pay you well :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW poll has 50% for each.


I voted and result changed.


June was my highest ever Adsense month.
Again July was highest ever.

So for me Adsense income was increasing every month.
However finishing August with 40$ less than July.

Bad August.
Hope September will be good and will again continue my increasing ride.


My adsense earnings down $70 compair to last month. A average month for me. Not expecting too much from September.

You build your dream and Google will destroy it. :expressionless:


AdSense is too bad. Lost $400 for the same amount of traffic. Slowly moving to affiliate marketing though it is not affiliate niche. But works better than AdSense as cookie serves the purpose. Atleast people will click on affiliate ad but not purchasing. However, they will purchase later directly going to affiliate website, but the tracking will be done through cookie within 30 days.


Can you tell me what is problem? It is education niche


20% down since last month.


August is always bad.


Sept will be so bad
Oct will be out of AdSense
November will be nothing
December will be dead bad…


Not agree, Oct, Nov and Dec are best for AdSense earning because of festivals.


This month earned $80 less than July. Hope September will not affect more than august.


You are not agreeing with past happenings. See the thriller in the present.


it’ll be bad as it would be a new quarter.

this will be good for many sites as it’s holiday in the US. Amazon, Google, Microosft and other companies run sale.


Were you able to resolve the issue? :thinking:

  • Yes, I am back with new AdSense account.
  • My account is still inactive.

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It is for forum or your main site?


I left using AdSense everywhere after seeing $0.01/day revenue.

At forum, I use AdX, Google partner.


Is adx perform well?


Well, I just started using. Will be able to tell review after a month.