[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


OMG. Adsense is dead. I think bloggers should support HGK


:confused: :thinking: HGK is already using AdX :wink:


No worries. It’s completely okay.


Adsense ctr dropped again 0.3%


Wow adsense is awful


I never heard of AdX. Just now came to know that it is owned by Google.


AdSense system is not perfect.


AdX is bigger than AdSense. It’s used by Google and the partners. That means more advertisers are available and you can make 2x money than AdSense if you’ve got traffic.


Do share your secrets. It will give hope of moentization.


But do you make enough money from AdSense? If not, then it’s as worse as rejection.


So, it requires another application to become a publisher of AdX ?


AdSense and Adx are independent. I’ll soon compile a list of AdX partners and you can ask them to get you AdX.


Well you do have a secret blog with pirated content and Media.net ads.


Already done and placed Ad at forum first.


No, it is not.


1/ I did sign up first
2/ They asked me to show the Analytics report.
3/ We talked on the phone
4/ Later they send me ad code.




is past.


Read this before you think about it.


Not 100% True , I Am Using ADX From 15 Days , They Are Good As They Pay On CPM Basis , But You Are Not going to make 2x money than adsense .