[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports

( Devil) #21

Adsense thread is incomplete without Mayank crying for traffic drop :face_with_monocle:

(Subhnish Meena) #22

Same, 30-40% drop for me. Specially for High competitive keywords.

(sachin) #23

30% drop main keywords are half traffic earning alos

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #24

Is there any problems with it. There are a lot of people’s are already doing it.


Again, you are asking the same thing! :joy: Others will go and jump in the well, will you also do the same? Anyways that was your friend account only! :joy:

Adsense always said that we are responsible for our account too! If you see any suspicious activity, it should be reported to Adsense! It must have been a big invalid activity as unless small issues AdSense only suspends for 28 days!

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #26

Yeah, I got $79 in a day last week but at the end of the day, they decreased to $2


If you would have reported this to Adsense with that form! You could have said something more to Adsense in reply!

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #28

I haven’t reported anything on that day. I was giving my tests from 8:30AM to 5:30 PM


I do understand! If people want to be cautious and protect their AdSense, that’s the only way, is to report suspicious activity using the invalid activity form to AdSense!

If you did that, I did not think, AdSense would have disabled your account!

What you say AdSense warrior? @BihariLala

(CFO of GKHosting) #30

Well I heard there are legal ways to deal with this issue. If this shit happens with an American or European, he will take Google to court and fight until it sues or gets the refund. Just recently Google had to return the money it generated from suspended account after a lawsuit.

(CFO of GKHosting) #31

Thing is that Indians and Pakistani do try to oversmart Google and these folks are looking for short cuts to make extra money.

(CFO of GKHosting) #32

it doesn’t matter how Abhishek generated those money. Google isn’t going to refund the amount to the advertiser. They just don’t do that and there’s no proof either. all money goes in Google’s piggyback.

They will be transparent about it soon, EU is investigating.


I will definitely hire a lawyer, if they suspend my account, if i think i am innocent and followed all the policy rules!

(CFO of GKHosting) #34

Search “Where I am” on Google.

You’re in India


Doesn’t really matter!

One of my friends is teacher in udemy and once had issue with his account in udemy and he hire a lawyer and then once udemy knew he has lawyer, they immediately restored his account


Udemy is the Google of Online courses in present days! My friends lifetime revenue in Udemy is $60,000 ! I couldn’t believe until i saw!

(Saksham Kumar) #37

Baki sab to theek hai but Abhishek Verma mod kse ban gya?? :confused: :open_mouth: :slightly_frowning_face:

(CFO of GKHosting) #38

If Paritosh can be a male name, then why not Abhiskek could be a mod?

(Saksham Kumar) #39

Now people selling pirated things, using illegal AdSense accounts, etc. etc. …still acting like they are innocent and they have done nothing wrong just bcoz others are doing same…will manage other users of this forum? Oh ok ok!

I get it. Just like our government. :smiley: :smile:


@Saksham Two things got deleted today, his pirated website and his AdSense account! :fearful: