[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports


If You Have ADX , Then You Can Earn More Without Affecting Adsense Earnings , I Simply Replaced My Low Performing Adsense Ads With ADX Ads.


Sen me adx link


Just an update.
Today and yesterday were so fantastic, that I have crossed August by 8$ :slight_smile:

Used a trick :stuck_out_tongue:

Sent push notification to my subscribers in last 2 days. Had extra 10k visits to cross August earnings.
So yes, I made this month again highest ever with Adsense :slight_smile:


don’t worry, adsense will deduct that money as clawback


Adsense ctr dropped again. The good news is that it will lower the competition between high earning sites and us. High earning site that are very competitive in some niches will not be able to afford their employees. So they will not post hundred of articles everyday. That is a nice for us small bloggers!


ADX from which company?


AdX are third party publishers and they had their own dashboard where you can see one day before income. AdSense does not show AdX income (as i know, I am not sure, becuase when I was using it, company provided me seprate dashboard)


Closing this month with 1 lakh Rs. earnings from blog.
around 910$ from Adsense
10$ from Youtube and remaining from direct product sales.

Hope September turn outs to be better. :slight_smile: and my dream of depending full time on website soon become a reality.


True :blush::blush::blush:


My friend adsense income last month, C4C with 3$ cpc


He is planning a world tour next year


he made $11K so far?


Maybe more than that




$3 CPC!! That’s crazy!