[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports

(Enjoy Your Life) #90

They have shutdown free trial due to missuse.

(Gaitonde) #91

Any idea which is better ahref or SEMRush?
I am using free plan of SEMRUSH right now though limited to 10 keywords but its working.

(Enjoy Your Life) #92

I think ahrefs.

(Enjoy Your Life) #93

But you can use semrush for free.

(Gaitonde) #94

If I signup by paying 7$.
After 7 days, I will be still able to use it? Or they will kick me out?

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #95

There’s an illegal way/trick to use Ahrefs for free using PayPal. You can search for that on Google.

(Gaitonde) #96

Because of that trick they made 7$ for 7 days plan, otherwise it was 14 days free trial.

( Devil) #97

Go for group buy you will get both

(Enjoy Your Life) #98

Yes you will. But don’t forget to delete card info or disable automatic payment in Paypal. Otherwise you will loose huge.

(Enjoy Your Life) #99

He wants to track keywords. Group buy will not help.

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #100

One of my friend have the SEMRush paid account which he won in Giveaway of SML. I can ask him for you(@laalsalaam)

(Gaitonde) #101

Paid 7$ and signed up.
Lets see what it does for 7 days.
Will cancel subscription after that.

(Gaitonde) #102

Its free account!!!

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #103

No. That’s a paid account he got in Giveaway. I used it 2 months ago.

(Gaitonde) #104

There is no option to add keywords from Google webmaster world in Ahrefs.

(Gaitonde) #105

He is paying every month? Or SML is paying on his behalf?

(Saksham Kumar) #106

You will be able to see movements of keywords up to 20th position in free plan.

(Gaitonde) #107

I paid 7$ so its not free plan.
I am getting a feel that SEMRUSH is better than AHREF.

(Saksham Kumar) #108

You will definitely feel that as Ahrefs is usually used for link building, keyword research etc… SEMrush is easy!

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #109

SML is paying or Already paid for 1 year subscription.