[August 2018] Google Updates and search changes

(Gaitonde) #1

This August Google released a big update.
Many sites are affected.

On general branded sites have got more power and small or new sites are ______________ and my site is one of them.

Google is empowering already empowered and killing thousands of small blogs giving actual factual information to its snippets.

Thats all from my side. What about you guys?

Edit: Offensive word or such hint has been removed.

(I am a magician!) #3

(Saksham Kumar) #4

Now my one and only aim is to build fuck*ng links to all my sites… Links, Links and Links! :persevere:

(Subhnish Meena) #5

Its F***ing Expensive

(CFO of GKHosting) #6

nah, it doesn’t work.

(CFO of GKHosting) #7

i don’t have do follow links

(CFO of GKHosting) #8

You need to be a LUCKY. Choose niche wisely. Unexplored niche.

(Subhnish Meena) #9

YMYL pages with Low EAT were impacted the most.

(CFO of GKHosting) #10

full form pls

(Subhnish Meena) #11

YMYL - Your Money Your life
EAT- Expertise Authority Trustworthiness

YMYL pages are like shopping, posts about products review and recommendation, Posts about Medicine and health

(CFO of GKHosting) #12

Coupon sites are also hit

(Gaitonde) #13

Can you explain more on it?

(Saksham Kumar) #14

You just made these terms up or these are standard short forms :confused: SEO is already very confusing and now this YMYL and EAT

(Gaitonde) #15

In service industry, you have to complicate simple things to make more money.

( Devil) #17

I only read Adsense thread to see him crying

(Saksham Kumar) #18

That is why rich are getting richer and poor getting poorer! :cry:

(Gaitonde) #19

Do you have GIG on fiverr? I want to buy backlinks.

(Subhnish Meena) #22

(Gaitonde) #24

Thanks for pointing but its all general discussion, where Google does not open its cards. Keep guessing. They randomly throw something to chew

(Gaitonde) #25

Same here. What is your plan?
Commenting on blogs is not that effective. Today wrote a guest posting on one site but forgot to mention my links :frowning: