[August 2018] Google Updates and search changes

(CFO of GKHosting) #26

just leak a phone and get 100 plus authority links.

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(Gaitonde) #29

Samajh nahin aaya boss.

Give some idea in any other niche than yours. You are king of your niche, make us princess of our niche.

(CFO of GKHosting) #30

you need to buy phone leaks.

(Saksham Kumar) #31

He needs to buy demonetization types of leaks :roll_eyes: Do you have any friend in CBI, RBI or something? @laalsalaam

(CFO of GKHosting) #32

asking kaka

(Gaitonde) #33

Or can you connect with some journalist.
How do we publish out articles in news papers?

(CFO of GKHosting) #34

Nah. AFAIK, only phone related stories get most of the links.

(CFO of GKHosting) #35

i gave you guys example of lindows.com

(Gaitonde) #36

You know any journalist from TOI or any other Indian news publishers? I need just one article to publish in this. But it should not cost 15 lakhs :frowning:

(Gaitonde) #37

We need to come with something like Aadhaar hacking.
That guy became a celebrity overnight.

Dear IT cell, nationalists and trolls,

- I'm French
- Due to the publication of the findings I made, I'm a public person
- I was on national TV, national newspapers of various country

All your threat are funny, please continue I'm having fun.


— Elliot Alderson aka “Vested Interest” (@fs0c131y) 5 August 2018

(CFO of GKHosting) #38

I can get you.

Let me check rate

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(CFO of GKHosting) #40

Price per story is Rs 1,50,000 ($2307) which includes hosting an advertorial as well as driving traffic (approx 10000 clicks) on your page.

(CFO of GKHosting) #41

100% confirmed.

example https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/ridaex-tv-to-fully-dominate-led-tv-sector-in-india-by-mid-2018/articleshow/62441731.cms

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(Gaitonde) #43

I already read that post.
Connections are to get work done without cost :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW I am not running a funded startup.

I think need to think out of box. Something like 25 din mein Mumbai khatm.

(Gaitonde) #44

Lets create a fake story. A really big fake story and get it covered by press. Press as usual publish things without even verifying it.

(CFO of GKHosting) #45

lol of course, @Gulshankumar is going to Bangladesh to save kids.

Make it to the news.