[August 2018] Google Updates and search changes

(Gaitonde) #46

No one cares for Bangladesh :frowning:

All their problems are sent to India.

(Pramod Kumar) #47

Traffic is going down day by day.

(CFO of GKHosting) #48

wrong thread.

here we cry about ranking.

(CFO of GKHosting) #49


my traffic dropped

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #50

Is there any new algorithm update from Google that’s affecting traffic.

(Pramod Kumar) #58

Oops, right

(Rohan) #59

Earnings , Rankings Everything Is Down !!!
All Post After 1st Aug Also Deindexed By Google … :frowning:

(Rohan) #60

Lost Almost 75% Traffic Continuously After 20th Of July …

(Gaitonde) #61

Thats really sad. Any reason for traffic drop?
I mean there was update in August but what changed in July?

(Rohan) #62

Don’t Know … :(:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

(Rohan) #63

Many Entertainment Niche Site Are Losing Traffic After 20th July … :frowning:

(CFO of GKHosting) #64

can confirm that

(Gaitonde) #65

Thats already killed by Google in association with news websites.
I think tech and entertainment niche is most crowded.

Google killed travelling, hotel, sports niche. Next may be entertainment.

Even in finance, stock market websites are killed.

All niches I mentioned you get results in Google boxes. To be honest Google is killing itself.

(Rohan) #66

Time To Leave Blogging ??
Should We Also Join The " Bheed Chaal " :(:sweat::sweat: and run after govt. Jobs ??

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #67

Are Gaitonde baba, Everyone is killed. Only Authority Sites are alive and enjoying.

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #68

Don’t be depressed. :slight_smile:

(Gaitonde) #69

Sab marenge, sirf @BihariLala bachega.

Ja bacha le apne HGK ko.

(Gaitonde) #70

That niche is more crowded than your tech niche :stuck_out_tongue:

Recent railway exam had more than 20 lakh candidates.

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #71

Tu to bhagwan hai na Gaitonde baba. Bacha le hum sab ko.

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #72

Politics Blogs ke Achche Din* aane wale hain.
2019 Elections

@laalsalaam kya sochte ho aap.