Auto refresh ads in 30seconds without using DFP

I know, I know Adsense doesn’t allow to refresh ads what I am saying is that I want to refresh other ads but also don’t want to set up DFP. So how can I do that?

Here’s the first thing u should know. No one else gives even 20% of the CPC or CPM which adsense gives. Plain and Simple.

Adsense runs programmatic advertising. So if i were in london, adsense might show me ads from london. Because adsense is from google, it is so large and hence the higher CPC or CPM’s

The same cannot be said about So i dont think anyone has worked on auto refreshing ads from other channels because 0 x 100 refreshes is still 0. is a thief in fact and cannot be trusted at all.

If u still want to go with other ad networks, then a custom make auto refresh java script is what u are looking for. It should trigger a refresh for the ad. Though i am not the right person for it. U may get a programmer on fiverr or the likes.

  1. Create a HTML file: sidebar-advt.htm, upload in the WordPress Media.
<!Doctype html>
<!-- Refresh every 30 seconds -->
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30">
<!-- Replace this HTML comment line with Ad unit code -->
  1. Place it via HTML widget of your CMS.
<iframe src="" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Bro, Never say No.
infact i think you should try Monumetric.
They give ads that refreshes realtime.
Although they do need 10k +session per month.
Monumetric had the highest bid for cpm ads. So if you have a site where you dont get much clicks that may give you more revenue. I personally was using ezoic and have recently moved to mediavine. Still testing them. Not sure about the growth yet but implementation seems impressive.
Also there are premium ad company like adthrive which gives twice more revenue than adsense does.
Infact if you ask me adsense gives pennys when they give dollars.

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