Average adsense CTR and how to increase it?


How much average CTR you guys have and how to increase CTR?

Please those having download sites avoid this as for them CTR will be high due to DOWNLOAD ads with green buttons.


4.30% only


Hope that your adsense account will be banned.


Varies between 1.3 to 2 % :fearful::sob:


Why? :fearful:




Coz your CTR is too high to be organic.


Your ctr is too high




You can use this tool to find average CTR by industry.


No CTR is high if it is all natural!


mine is between 0.5-0.8.


Today,my CTR is 5.17


No one replying on point.

  1. Place text ad below post title
  2. Leaderboard ad at top right side
  3. In post ad

So, 2 ads above fold helps to increase ctr. Test ad sizes on your site.

These are old tips that I have read somewhere and tested.


That will get you banned


But. That’s totally naturally.


No. Text ad below post title comes with label “sponsored ad”. So, you won’t get banned. My adsense account is 2 years old.


Yeah. That’s not a problem.