Backlink building gap timing


In what interval we should create back links.
And in a month how many back links should we create ti be safe from Google.
And what strategist of link building is harmful.


There is no such things like interval.

There is no such things like limit.


But over link building can be harmful?


Nope. All such rumours are decade old when people used to make crappy directory link.

I don’t believe in any such things.


Yes, it can be! Build according to the age and authority of your website.


Sir this site has less number of backlinks but their on page seo and regular work has made them growing like solid steel.
I have written 6 articles in that site.
Founder of this site told me. Don’t keep building backlinks. Just build it on the starting aage of your domain to increase DA.
And more you have to concentrate on unique writing skill and best UX.
So I also stopped building back links like I was building. He told me if you rank your post by using back links then may be google can penalize you like some old sites which did this mistake.
Once you manage to rank your post with zero back links then no one can move you down from that place.
Sir I found it true.
When I stopped building back links and giving more time in content. Some posts are ranking with zero back links.
I am giving time in content writing and keyword research. I accept that I build los of backlinks initially due to which increased my DA.
But after that I have stopped building. And I m continuously doing keyword research to find less competitive long tail and LSI keyword.
When we find such keyword whose completetion is predictive then it is easy to rank.

I am telling you one practical example:
I have a post happy birthday wishes for brother.
It became 4 months old still I was not able to rank it.
I started doing keyword research for it and got one long tail keyword
" Heart touching birthday wishes for brother in hindi"
It has search volume of “10” only but completetion is zero.
And after using it I hit the target. It ranked next day with many keywords. I used only 2-3 long tail and LSI keywords have search volume below 100 and competition 0.
People do the mistake when they just don’t see at competetion. They don’t know the competetion of high search volume keywords like 40k-50k. If they have competition of 0.01 still they have high competetion according to their volume.
But when we find good low volume keywords we can easily find exact completetion.
Like search volume is 50 and competition is 0.02. Which shows very less competetion.
I am following this and finding results.
Long tail and LSI keywords are awesome.
They can rank like concrete solid but takes time.