Backlinks for Domain


what makes the difference between creating backlinks to my ( ) site and article in the site ( ). which one increases my domain authority?
I would like to create backlinks to one of my articles. is it helpful to increase the domain authority?


Your question is technical and peculiar!

I believe both will increase your domain authority. When you build links to homepages, it will pass link juice to the articles listed on the homepage, and also if you build links to one article; it will pass link juice to the contents you linked to inside the article!

On homepage, navbar, you have links to categories, they will pass link juices to each other, I hope you get my point?


Backlink to the homepage or article contributes equally to the overall domain authority scores.

You should point backlinks to the articles/pages that you want to rank. It’s better than building links for homepage as the homepage will rank for its name without backlinks and it wouldn’t really make sense to focus on ranking the homepage.