Backlinks indexing

We can make backlinks but the time Google takes to index them is too much. How to get your backlinks indexed by google quickly?

Google will take more time to index backlinks of a new website (or) blog. The popular you are the faster your backlinks will be added.
1.) Keep submitting your sitemaps every Monday and Friday.
2.) Observe Google Crawling through Webmasters Tools. If you have any errors (or) warnings, try fixing it earlier (or) as soon as possible.
3.) Don’t block any files (or) folders from Google Bot.

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What I do is I buy some social bookmarking gigs on seoclark. Not saying they index the links overnight but it pretty much works for me.

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Build backlinks and keep calm Google will do rest of things.

Remember not all backlinks will give same weight. Quality is important not quantity.

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Don’t do this

submit sitemaps of to google search console?

Is there any chance of penalty?