Bad news for VPN, TOR, Proxy users

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For example…?


@piyuk For example this one.

Also, seen similar

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Perhaps those people have created profiles to earn links (profile backlink). Immediately stop this feature for the newbie.


Nope. Link is not their purpose. Such profile some user generally creates for fun to show “they can”.

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Depends on the forum. :wink: but in HGK, nope!

No. Because of false/positive

Nope. Privacy dude. You are gonna scare them.

Absolutely not.


Please see Poll 1. Except one one user, all said they do not hide IP.

The user who creates fake ID, they are master at using Temp email and VPN. Something need to be considered.


Block all known disposable email domains by adding them to blocked email domain list in admin.

I have done reverse! I have only allowed certain domains to register on my forum.

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I think He is right. You should.


It’s difficult. There are many disposal emails.

This sounds great but what about custom domain?


You can find some or the other list of such service providers and their domains (many sites block disposable domains and hence there should be many sources to get such lists from).
One such example is:

Let’s get real, If i’m using my domain to register on your site with the only motive to spam, then there can not be an idiot on this planet like me! Why would I want my own domain to be blacklisted?


On the other side, what I do is this:
I’ve only allowed known good email providers (Gmail, outlook. yahoo etc) and our own company domains to create account on our site so that kinda also helps a lot.


Sorry, I was able to bypass it.


You haven’t really bypassed anything.


I have sent details via message.



:thinking: Just wondering, why do you prefer hiding IP?

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He’s a girl.


To kya hua? :thinking: This is 21st century.

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Most of the time I turn on VPN for some tasks and then I forget to turn it off for the whole day :thinking:


Hardneing flagging rule for trust level 0 can be good… or based on recieved hearts from comunity users.

1 flag raised – user with less than 10 hearts - topic hidden – and no new topic can be created by that user… till you give permission

same with replies/comment