Bad Results on My Fiverr Gig

Hello Everyone i face some issues Check My Fiverr Gig I update every week but not receive any kind Order of order kindly suggest me some way Thanks in Advance

Never do this. Maintain consistency, integrity of business or they will downrank.

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@GulshanKumar sir is absolutely right. Also when you edit gig , it gets temporarily hidden from search i think for some 12 hours so no need to do it.

Patience is the key to success my friend :slight_smile:

  • Write unique, honest, appealing description for Gig which you can actually do. Be transparent about requirements, delivery time, work details, etc.

  • Use proper English language. If you are facing difficulty that’s okay, Use Google translator. Also you can take help of Grammarly to write in the proper ‘sentence case’. Avoid writing like Title case (mix of captial and small) in a standard sentence.

  • Have patience!

Best wishes

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