Bandwidth Cost Vs High Cache Hit

Hello Guys,

I have implemented PWA on my website and suddenly, my CDN Bandwidth uses jump from 3-4 GB a day to 35+ GB of Day.

I have found the reason that PWA caches the pre-defined pages to the user device. There is a setting in PWA to list the pages you want to cache on a user device to work it offline. This setting makes to load all pages even if the user has not requested them. This will lead to 10 pages load to a user device even he visited just one page.

The Con of the above is 10X jump is the bandwidth cost.
Pro of the above is cache hit % increase from 60 to 80% that makes the site very fast from all-region.

I didn’t see any benefit in revenue.

Can you please suggest what to do in this situation? I have deactivated pre-caches currently. But not sure this is good or bad.

Need your suggestion for the Speed Vs Cost case.

PS: My website is static WP hosted on BunnyCDN

Keep site lightweight. Do not aim shortcut (PWA) for performance.

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