Be Careful With Affiliate Marketing!


I Got this message from Flipkart Yesterday.

Please see for FY 2018-19, Affiliate marketing has been allocated newly fixed budgets every month. To meet the numbers assigned from the Org, we are splitting the spends for Partners month-on-month.

Kindly do not exceed this budget allocation and pace your campaigns accordingly, commissions exceeding the RO limit will not be eligible for payment.

Also going forward, we will be communicating an RO kind of a model every month so that we are able to optimise on the spends distribution from beginning of the month.

They are limiting Earnings. 30K! That’s 12% of What I made with them the previous month.

This is the reason why we never depend on single income source.

Till now, affiliate is good.

But, can’t trust them. They recently changed their affiliate model in US which impact the earnings of associates.

Flipkart Affiliate Earning Capped help guys please

Agreed. You should never put all your eggs in a single bucket.


Then I would say make 2 3 accounts on flip kart!!
And then replace the tags when the affiliate earning reaches 30k!!

This can be wrong in terms!! But if you can find a doorway you would be better off!!


It is a lot of work to replace all those links on Blog Posts.

Just emailed Flipkart regarding this. Will remove all their links if they put 30K per month limit.


BTW the products which you are referring through Flipkart must also be available on Amazon, right? So why were using Flipkart only?


What if 30k limit is for Domain level and not on Tag level.


Don’t know why but flipkart has better conversion rate in comparison of Amazon India.


But order cancellation rates are higher as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, never had any account with them because… it’s a Indian company.

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