Best ads placement

What is the best type of ad and its placement you feel if you are using AdSense? Just curious to know what works best for you guys?

Location Desktop Mobile Display Ad Type
Top Header 728x90 Responsive Yes
After Nth paragraph 336x280 300x250 Yes
Sidebar 300x600 300x250 Yes
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some of the best ad placements

  1. below the title (72890 on Desktop & 300250 on Mobile) or after first paragraph
  2. After two-three paragraph 336x280 based on the content quality
  3. below the article - 336x280 or 728*90
  4. for the right side (at top - either place two 300x250 or one 300*600)
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does sidebar ad still works? i mean my 90% traffic is mobile and tablet…so?

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Then insert an Overlay ad. Please google for it.

put ads on side bar also - in most of the themes sidebars disappears - no issue also put the ads between the content


I also recommend individual page ads just in middle of the content works like charm


You are right sidebar gets disabled on mobile views.