Best and cheap hosting plan

Hey guys, I want to change my hosting and domain name to other service provider instead of godaddy which is costly for me. I’m considering bluehost ,Please suggest.

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SiteGround seems to be suitable for you.

  1. Move your domains to cloudflare. Its the most pocket friendly options in my opinion.
  2. For hosting, namecheap or siteground can do the job for you depending on your requirements, traffic stats.

What about appr 3300 for 48 months

Siteground renewal price is high.

Shitty service. Don’t even think about it. I bought a 2year plan and regret later


By the way, why you don’t go with DigitalOcean or Vultr.
If you can afford Rs.3300 for a year then just pay more Rs.300, & get the scalable cloud hosting.


@sushil07 When you buy a new account they give promising fast speed. But as time passes their speed reduces. Also, your website will go down many times. My mailbox is filled with emails from Jetpack saying your website is down your website is up down. This become a regular thing

Under what monthly cost you need services?

100-200 RS/ Mo

Hello @AbhishekVerma yes you are right. I am also getting many emails from Jetpack about my website down. This type of issue not hannped before, when I was getting a good traffic.

Due to lockdown my website page views are minimum. But cannot understand what’s the issue with DO server. Getting 504 error very frequently.

I provide Web Hosting services for bloggers, and businesses. My plans start at Rs.89 per month.
I have not received any such issues from my clients. If you wish, you can try our services.

@MyilRaj I asked you a few questions on Marketplace page but you haven’t answered it. :slight_smile:

I can see that I have replied you very next day. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: