Best Bulk email Service

I have 11k contacts emails and I have to send a education mail to all 11k contacts so can anyone tell me what is the best Bulk email service ?

If you want to send emails occasionally Mailjet is the best.

Close your eyes and go for Amazon SES. :smile:

My friend @iamhappy can guide best on this subject. He have been using a special software called “Sendy” to leverage SES services to full potential.

Alternatively, if you need “Managed solution” then there are some other option like ConvertKit, MailerLite, Aweber, etc which can be easy but costly compared to SES.


Thanks for recommending sendy
I am thinking of buying but one question email sent from sendy will go into update folder of Gmail right? As if we use own server for sending email Gmail suspect most email as spam

Gmail automatically filter e-mail based on the content.

There is no way to assure getting e-mail in Primary unless someone manually does.

I had read somewhere that keeping e-mail lightweight, plain text having higher chances to land in the primary inbox.

Someone who have been subscriber of Ahrefs, Neil Patel or Brian Dean - they might have seen this tactics in general…

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It depends on content of your email…

but i have seen my same email landing into … Primary/ Promotional tabs…

but it depends mainly on text.

My friend … Sendy is just a tool… email is sent via Amazon SES servers… and there IP pool is used … so You just need to properly configure IAM for Sendy inside your Amazon IAM…

You need to take care of what you send… otherwise amazon will ban you quickly … if your user marked your email as SPAM

and You need not to take care of IP reputation where you have hosted Sendy…


I feel this is true …

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