Best Domain Backorder service but cheap

Hi, I would like to backorder some domains but getting low reviews for some companies so I want to know if someone already back-ordered some domain, if he/she can share the experience with the company then it would be great.

If you think no one is gonna place a backorder on the same domain, then go for free backorder.

They are quick but can’t beat the premium services.

If you do think others are also gonna backorder then use all the available premium services, you get your money back if they don’t catch the domain so … I don’t see a problem.

If others did backorder chances are there will be a private bid and then you have to decide how valuable the domain is to you.

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The domain which I wanted to register is now registered with Crazydomains with their backorder service because it just cost around $5-$6 including the domain registration cost.

So, I got the .net TLD domain just at Rs.350/-


CrazyDomains backorder service is just for a name, there is no real system at their backend. Why so?
My domain was publicly available for more than 8+ because it was expired in midnight and I was in my dreams :sleeping: at that time.
So, in the morning I found the domain is available for the last 8 hours but they didn’t register it. Then I contacted their support and manually raised the registration request. The support agent was also unable to tell me the reason.

However, I was lucky that there was no other bidder for that domain.

But thanks for your recommendation, I was unknown about
Currently, I have added 75+ domain for backorder on Sav.

How good is

I agree with this post. Thanks for your precious suggestion.