Best free SSL Certificate

Currently I am using cloudflare free ssl certificate on my website. It is really good and reliable. But this forum using Let’s Encrypt ssl certificate (probably paid for this site). This company also provides free ssl. So which is good, Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt?

Both are good. I would rate Cloudflare SSL as 90/100. Let’s Encrypt 98/100.

Let’s Encrypt is supported on Windows XP
Cloudflare Free SSL doesn’t work on XP.

Cloudflare SSL is easy to use.
Let’s Encrypt can be tricky for auto-renewal.


Sir, as you know I added Cloudflare on my website (you st this for me few days ago) , can I replace it with Let’s Encrypt?

For general blog, Cloudflare is good, we all use modern Browsers so there is not an issue.

Ok thank you sir.

You’re welcome!

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Hi RalpHarder,

I beg to differ here. I find Let’s Encrypt works seamlessly when used with DNS verification and proper cron job to renew automatically. I am not facing any problem so far.