Best G Suite Reseller in India


I was using Zoho mail(free) for my domain but I didn’t like its interface so I migrated to G Suite but now my trial period is going to end and they are not accepting my Card. So I want to know that if any of you is using G suite and do you know a good reseller in India


You can save money by trying this approach:

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You can make it work for free using Mailgun.


Thanks for your help but I want to use it with many things (not only email)so G Suite is necessary.


Are you going to use for the SMTP also? :thinking:


I have Sendgrid Student Pack but I need other things also.



I need mailbox and SMTP (must needed)
I think if I get it for free then I will use my personal gmail for google’s other features.


For SMTP, you can use Mailgun (Free)

I doubt SMTP will work in big cases with G Suite. It’s huge mess and complicated UI built in the material design. I would suggest, please change your decision before you regret.

Yes, it’s okay… that G Suite is best for the normal branded e-mail purpose but I would never ever recommend it for the SMTP (transactional) e-mail purpose.

I spent quality time for finding SMTP solution… but there was no luck

You may this info helpful -

Disclosure: I am a G Suite customer as well as its affiliate.


I am not a big or heavy user, and I am using g suite as WordPress email system with wp SMTP plugin (working great).
But going by your advice I can use sendgrid or mailgun as sender but I need inbox for reciving email. What do you recommend?

P.S: Sorry I am very new to these kind of stuff.


Try Mailgun. It’s free with fair amount of sending limit.


Sorry, I didn’t get it
I got that I can use Mailgun with wordpress as SMTP
but what if some user send a mail to my domain email address?


True, this way. or using this way.

Thanks to e-mail forward feature.

Here’s more details



You can send/receive emails and use it as SMTP as well.


Thank you guys for saving my money:)


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Sir, I clicked on cancle my subscription in g suite (in billing section) and it logged me out and redirected me to g suite’s official page.
when i click on loin it says domain is not using g suite.
but I can still use it in my phone(like n play store)
is that enough to cancel g suite subscription?


Depends on the kind of subscription. I would suggest, please contact G Suite support.


I can’t login to get support it says domain not registered.


Ok. Was your domain in Trial?