Best G Suite Reseller in India




I think, it would be cancelled and there shouldn’t be any issues.
Additionally you may check


Ok. Now google is showing that Account is deleted but can be recovered.
I guess I will leave it there.
So now, I am using SendGrid for SMTP (15k free emails😋) and I am back to zoho’s free plan for using Inbox.
Thanks for helping me out😀

I have 1 more Query-
I am in Bunny CDN trial and have used 5GB data via CDN(in 3 days), my traffic is from India, should I continue using it as speed is not increasing but I guess it can help in server load?


Just wondering, did they ask for cc while providing free plan?

  • Yes, they require cc for free plan
  • No, it’s not required for the free plan

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  • Just go with Digital Ocean Indian server, without a that would be Fastest possible in the less budget.

Why avoid that CDN model? To reduce DNS lookup time, save money for the negligible difference while having Indian server already.


Thanks for the information.


No Problem.
And Oh, I forgot to tell that for free Users its just 100 E-mails per Day. I am using Github’s Student Pack so I am getting 15k E-mails per Month.

I have added Screenshots of their Pricing: