Best Hosting For Indian Traffic


Hey guys, I want to know which web hosting is best for Indian traffic on my blog 95% visitors are from India I have tried many web hosting (HostGator India, Hostlelo, Hostkarle, RoyalClouds, Name Cheap) But I am not satisfied with all of them.


I use DigitalOcean (Banglore) $5 Droplet for my site with 98% Indian Users.
It is going great for my use, you can try it with their $100 offer for 2 months.


Use digital ocean,cloudways, siteground,wpxhost


I would highly recommend moving to cloud hosting. It’s always better than shared hosting.
Digital Ocean, Vultr, are to name a few


Most shared hosting having data center either in USA or Singapore which result to slower performance due to high latency factor. So, I wouldn’t recommend it.

For Indian traffic, go with Digital Ocean. It would be best for the performance because it has Data center in India.

Bonus: You can Get $100 free credits if you are first time user.

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I hope this helps.


I’m also using YouStable Web Hosting services for my site which have all the traffic from India. Monthly visitor 45k to 52k but never facing any issue like server down. They are running a campaign all SSD Hosting at Just $.01 for the first month.


@amanwaa Thanks for the review. I am interested in learning more. Would be possible to share a URL that is hosted there? I want to check specifically TTFB. Thanks again!


Every hosting is the best to someone and may be not because of some reason. The first thing you want to look into is the Server Spec such as Ram, Storage, Bandwidth, Location.
Then, you should decide the platform such as Cent OS (or) Ubnutu based system. Since every hosting provider offers at least 7 days money back guarantee, it’s worth to try them first installing a dummy site and do a test run for two days to understand the server functionality.

In my point, this is not required when you have enough RAM, Storage, Bandwidth. Then you integrate some CDN like Cloudflare, MaxCDN, Amazon AWS (based on your budget) to make your site faster. Finally, look into your codes and optimize in your first few weeks for the smooth run.

Satisfaction will come when you put little efforts on optimization tasks on the server side and our website scripts on the existing server.


Sure! This is my hosted website ( on Youstable, please check.


The site performance appears very slow.


Yes but that is because of Javascript, Server is powered with Pure SSD Drive, 1GBPS Uplink, LiteSpeed Cache, CloudLinux for reliable and fast performances. You might noticed that website designed using Visual Editor which creates lots of speed issue.


I recommend you go with Amazon LightSail ($10 per month)…


Yes, even though you can use Visual Editor but sever physical location closest to the demographic users will serve even faster.
My site traffic increased 40% after the server change…

You can try any CDN to bring even speed across the globe.


Your website server location is in the USA. I tested performance with same location to have best possible report.

Have a look:

:warning: Server is responding extremely slow. TTFB goes above 1 second which should be near 200ms.


DigitalOcean or lightsail, which one would you recommend?


Digitalocean performs just ever so slightly better than lightsail.



The test you have performed those are for CloudFlare DNS I can provide you traceroute report for the actual IP


Yes, I see you are using Cloudflare DNS via its nameservers

Cloudflare DNS is fast enough. Ref 1, Ref 2. It’s resolving quickly, as in above screen you can see there is 87ms taken for DNS resolution.

While test, Cloudflare CDN is not active, so all request still passing through your original Server IP address which is

The problem is origin server is responding slowly.

and, here is test report from multiple regions.



DigitalOcean or Linode would be the best ways to go if you 're familiar with server management. Famous VPS instance providers with quite reasonable pricing policies.


How much daily pageviews ur recving?? I mean how much traffic 5$ plan handle