Best Hosting for WordPress in my opinion



A web hosting is the powerhouse of your site.

Today, If you search on Google ‘best hosting for WordPress’, you may find a list in the descending order according to the highest Affiliate commission, not performance. I can even say that what they might be recommending, they will never use for own site.

This thread is different. I am not going to mention so-called unlimited host or maybe which is just best for the affiliate, nor for the user.

Instead, I am only going to mention just a few selected name which I have personally tried, and used it for few days or month.

As a freelancer, I often get chance to work with the various hosting environment. I will try to share my little experience with you.

Some tips

While work, I have noticed a common thing that some webmasters often spend too much amount on big package hosting that is usually not required. Buying the hefty amount of Server resources often seen as unused. We should try with a small budget.

Please avoid those host which claims to provide unlimited bandwidth. Maybe that is the most limited form of hosting.

If you don’t have money, start with Google Blogspot. But please don’t waste time on a free host. Such host can give any time surprise by putting your account on hold. There is no hand-leg for a free host. You may exceed 250 per day visitors now they will lock your account until you won’t upgrade. You may loose your hard work in such host.

Especially when you are on a shared host, please never rely on without regular backup.

If possible, never use Reseller hosting. It is same as shared.

Before purchasing any hosting, look for its support, offer, coupons, pricing, features, refund policy, etc.

Okay, so here I go. Which hosting, and what was my experience with it.

  1. Vultr
  • Currently, I am personally using Vultr for hosting WordPress sites.

  • Vultr provides unmanaged Cloud server where you choose your desired server location, operating system. Possibly, This is a cheap and best option for the tech-savvy.

  • According to my personal experience, Vultr services are reliable. They provide ticket based support, offer the prompt response.

  • What I don’t like, they have a very limited payment option. PayPal and few others. This can be problematic if you don’t have a PayPal account as same as your Vultr account name.

  1. Cloudways
  • It’s a managed Cloud platform where you can choose a Cloud server of your choice according to the budget and requirements.

  • I have been Cloudways user for some time, in my experience even managing 20+ WordPress site was a very reliable experience. Why? Automated Backup is what I loved most.

  • Cloudways is managed Cloud platform, shouldn’t be misunderstood by term managed WordPress Hosting.

  • What I don’t like? Average support, costly plan. About Payment option, here I also found little difficult to due to limited options, not supporting debit card for the small plan.

  1. Digital Ocean
  • Similar to Vultr, Digital Ocean is an unmanaged Cloud platform where you can run the applications of your choice.

  • Update 6/2/2018: For a blog with Indian audience, Digital Ocean Bengaluru based server is best for the fastest performance. Here’s the case-study about migrating HGK Forum to Digital Ocean. It helped to reduce page load time from 3.2s to 1.8s for the Indian region.

  • You can read here to learn about installing WordPress on LEMP.

  • I truly loved UI and the payment method.

  1. Siteground
  • Well, I am not a huge fan of a shared host due to limitations factor. But overall it was a great experience for me in comparison to another shared hosting.

  • What’s special in the Siteground? You get proper support, plenty of good resources. Irritating-Ad-free cPanel.

  1. Kinsta
  • This is a prominent web hosting for WordPress, where you can have a feeling of a really great deal of support. I have not used this host for my personal site.

  • Based on a conversation with their support team, I would say that these guys are really knowledgeable, and know how to deal with customer properly.

  • As quality comes at the price, this host can be very-very costly. However, worth the price.

Final words
These are best hosting for you in my experience. I didn’t prefer to mention which I really hate to meet their cPanel and support system.


Thanks & Regards,

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HostGator and BlueHost over and over again :nauseated_face:


Very true. HG, BH, GD, or any Indian host(company) I would prefer to avoid.


Most of them are HostGator resellers :disappointed_relieved:


I feel regretful I wasted money on reseller and Indian host in past. I had no idea about unlimited that moment. I thought, if this is cheapest maybe best. But they were worst by support and services. I lost many website due to getting suspended without valid reason.


Amazon AWS Managed hosting by Cloudways or Rackspace is much better than Vultr, DO, Siteground in terms of reliability and performance, but is very costly.

I have tested all of the hosts including Google Cloud, and settled with AWS as it is the best :heart_eyes:

They support debit cards on request


I’d like to add my $0.02 to this topic! this is all experience gathered with 8 years of installing and managing wordpress as the primary platform for our company and other customers. We’ve deployed dedicated HA multisite setup using oneprovider as the provider and haven’t had any latency or performance issues in the last 6 months except for one node crashing which was replaced by them in less than 3 hours.

First & foremost,
wordpress hosting in itself is a very tricky case.

I’ve used shared hostings from providers like x10premium, godaddy, bigrock etc and then I’ve used VPS and Dedicated servers from Providers like x10vps, Digitalocean,, vultr, oneprovider and woothosting. While using wordpress, the one prominent factor is limiting the number of queries to your database. mysql or mariadb in particular start to eat up resources like a baby monster when it comes to handling more than a dozen of queries simultaneously.

I had been working for a media publication whose platform was initially based off of wordpress and they had encountered a lot of “error establishing database connection” despite of them using a relatively powerful quad core CPU with 4 Gb of ram in their vps.

over the years, I’ve learned the following:

  1. estimate your traffic: If your website is anything that deals with content e.g. music/news/journalism/collaboration etc, you really want separate data & application server.

  2. Use heavy caching. Seriously, use plugins like w3 total cache or wordpress super cache, leverage server side gzip compression, if you use cloudflare, configure your website to have brotli compression and apart from that, configure your server to enable for browser level caching. all this is going to help a lot in terms of those crucial load time numbers.

  3. monitor your server. this is relatively important. you should configure something like uptimerobot to alert you whenever your website isn’t loading and analyze your website on pingdom and google pagespeed for issues twice a month. wordpress and it’s plugins update thoughout the month so you never know when a plugin goes bad on your server.

  4. Choosing the provider: choose a provider that provides you as much dedicated resources as possible. Don’t go for numbers, go for proper isolation instead. look for guaranteed or dedicated vCore/vCPU numbers, look for guaranteed RAM, look for solid state storage and up on all of this, look out for gigabit uplink connection to your virtual/dedicated server.

  5. wordpress hosting: Use wordpress hosting from providers like, bluehost, godaddy, bigrock etc if you’re new to wordpress. they manage everything for you and you get to focus on your website before getting into understanding how wordpress is set up and tackled with.


Very great information brother.
Managing a hosting requires a lot of savvy knowledge on the server side and how exactly WordPress works?
A small mistake will lead to disaster, that’s the problem.


Nope! :stuck_out_tongue:


The more important thing is @Paritosh edited his post to improve readability.

Seems like he is a good mod :wink:


They are made up of NGINX + HTTP/2 + PHP 7 + Google Cloud Platform.

and i think it is possible to set this up our ourselves :thinking:


yep, but you get the full managed thing with Kinsta, and let’s not forget that they have a talented team of developers.


Set up Nginx with Google-Mod_Pagespeed
Use PHP 7.0
Use MariaDB
Use LetsEncrypt
Use php opcache, php apc and Nginx Gzip.


Does it suits your requirements?


If you do not plan on spending as your traffic grows, better would be that you stay with blogspot.


Thanks for this post. I am of the honest opinion that the money we earn is from our blog posts and not from tweaking wordpress. This is why, we should spend at least 20% of whatever we earn back into our systems so that we have stable systems. Otherwise, we will be spending hours tweaking our system which can be done by someone else who is more knowledgeable.

1 hour of tweaking = loss of 1/2 article which you could have written. 1 article = $10 a month or $120 a year.

Meaning, for every 1 hour spent in tweaking, you are losing $60 a year.

This is personal logic. Everyone might have different opinions :slight_smile:


Customising Nginx is difficult when using serverpilot I think.
Serverpilot has an article on enabling pagespeed module but they stated that it consumes significant amount of memory and in my 1gb server, hardly 100mb ram is free.


I don’t recommend using serverpilot with the suggestions that I posted.


Nice vultr #1 :laughing: Where bigrock ? :sweat_smile:


Bigrock is terrible when it comes to latency and load times.