Best Hosting for WordPress in my opinion

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba hosting are all very costly. Unless your site is giving you monthly earnings of 1 lakh rupees you don’t buy them.

Digital Ocean is good.

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Also in the similar budget, we can get AWS “LightSail”, Vultr and Linode.


I would add to it, although Godaddy is USA company but has Indian Call Center which is very very fast and very professional. I have tested them that’s why I am saying it.

Good to know! Which plan were you using that time?

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Managed WordPress Hosting by Godaddy.

Are you still using that plan? If yes, can you run a quick test here and share the screenshot! I would like to see how does it perform globally. For me, it’s really hard to believe anything about GoDaddy!


Does Linode charging GST (like Digital Ocean) for it’s Indian server?



Linode services may be subject to GST. As a result, a GST charge based on your country of residence will be reflected on all Linode invoices issued after 1 October 2019 where necessary.


In my opinion, siteground is best. But it is a little expensive.
If you are in budget then go for resellerclub web hosting.

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Any thoughts on InmotionHosting?

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Yet, I have not tried this hosting.

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it was good. I used it for initial 2 years. Later I switched to DO and then GCE.


Any Pros & Cons for Linode
Edited to see more about… .

Linode is good on US servers but I faced slow network while installing WP on Mumbai Linode. You may test it in trial to evaluate its performance.

:warning: Choose Linode carefully. At random instances, I have found networking issues.

ping <Linode IP address> -t


mtr -rwbzc 100 <Linode IP address>

If you face connection loss, it can be huge problem.

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Same here. It’s a problem. They do not have globally fast server.


Now this is the biggest Cons for Linode.
Well it looks like I have to satisfy with Vultr :thinking:


After this kind of issues

Now, what will be the best hosting in your opinion?

Managed hosting

  • Kinsta (A Google Cloud based Platform)


  • Google Cloud
  • Vultr
  • Digital Ocean
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I will never go with it due to the same account suspension reason.

Looks like at the end we will have open option Google Cloud.
But Sir, I’m really unaware about the pricing & charges of GCP. I have already work with some clients with GCP but only at server level.

Kindly can you share how their billing works.