Best Newsletter SEO friendly plugin for WordPress


I would like to put Email Newsletter box - bottom of the article or sidebar.

Any SEO friendly way that won’t cause content duplication because of Newsletter widget?

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I think right below article is better if they are impressed with article and want more. If put in sidebar, it will get pushed lower and below comments when page is browsed from phone.

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yes, exactly. but I’m worried about the content duplication.

Normally people don’t subscribe unless they will get something in return. Either block some content, give a PDF or something or something similar. You will get amazing results if you will offer something in return of people’s email address.

I’ve direct readers :slight_smile: So it might work.

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Okay… try it and after a month share the results. I will do a case study if it worked for you. :grinning:

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Is this done with a plugin or by making the site into a membership site?

There are many plugins available for this. They can hide a download link or some part and after entering email and verifying it, it gets unlocked.

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Since I am a coder and I know how to programmatically send email then why not send emails using that only? I mean is it gonna block my domain if I do this? or send my emails to the spam folder of Gmail?

Right now my blog updates are coming under the updates tab of Gmail when sent from MailChimp.

Also if the programmatic way doesn’t harm my domain reputation then is there any free email capturing tool? which I can use to capture infinite email?(only capture not sending service)

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Hi Vyom,

Your e-mail landing chances in Gmail to Primary, Update, Spam or not sent at all depends on lots of technical factors.

  • Server IP reputation - If your e-mail server IP once get blacklisted then it is tough to get rid of it.
  • User behaviour - Are many people moving from update to primary or marking as spam?
  • Domain Reputation
  • E-mail server configuration - Does it pass DKIM, SPF and all? If no! That’s not gonna work.
  • Email frequency - Sending too many in early days? Chances of getting blacklisted.


For many technical reasons it is better to leverage tool like Aweber, ConvertKit, etc than self-hosted solution. It comes with capturing solution as well.