Best plugin to sale ebook on blog

Can anyone recommend a plugin to sale ebook on a blog?
I have tried sendowl in the past!
But there are a few issues that i know!
Any other recommendations?

Easy Digital Downloads.

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All the above, or try Gumroad, it’s good.

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Hello sir,
I got used to the plugin.
I have a question. Do we need IEC code to register through stripe as they have mentioned in their support documents that providing any service or product to US from india needs these. But we are only offering digital products so why would we need that?

Hi @saurav_556, I know that @sajjad has been selling exams suggestions from last 1-2years on his site. He has tested with many things and has a great experience about selling ebooks, and choosing a comfortable payment gateway.

Just ask for a advice from him.

Sorry, I have no idea about it. Please check with relevant person who is in that business.

Hello @saurav_556 no need any IEC code to sell ebooks in India. You can easily start with Woocommerce / Easy Digital Download and use the payment gateway Razorpay (recommend) or Cashfree.

@sajjad His audience is not from india.

I want to sale in US ans UK only

Both razorpay & cashfree support international debit cards.
You can use them.

Does easy digital download come with pdf stamping or is it a addon?
I cannot find that anywhere?
Also how to add razorpay in there?
I cannot find the option in extension?

Hello @saurav_556, there is not any inbuilt pdf watermarking system in EDD. You have to add watermark on your pdf before uploading it on Wordpress database (I am doing this method).

Here is the official Razorpay Payment Extension for EDD =>

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I have been looking forward to use gumroad for a site if mine.
Can you tell me how does vat work for that?
Do i need to collect extra vat or gst for digital product as well?

No idea! :thinking:

The payout will be via PayPal and Gumroad takes care of the transfer fees so you will receive the amount which you can then transfer to your bank account.

And I don’t think gst is applicable for online products unless you’re a registered business (not sure about this).

Can anyone sign up Gumroad who is not registered or don’t have GST?


Have you ever tried thrive ultimatum?