Best WordPress Backup plugin for Multiple Sites?


By taking backup before starting your work can save you from getting fired by your client if something went wrong.

Hence, backup is essential.

It doesn’t matter how well expert we are at any subject. It’s better to take backup at beginning rather saying “It’s weird” when something goes wrong.

Currently, I use UpdraftPlus or prefer manual depending on hosting capability.

The worst thing, UpdraftPlus doesn’t label the site name which makes confusing experience.

  • I am looking for a professional Backup solution where at single account I can manage Backup of 10+ site in matter of click.

Do you have any recommendations?

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and when you click “Rescan remote storage”… it loads the backup files of all of the websites in the remote storage folder :scream:



If I have one Google Drive account, connected to 5 WordPress site ‘UpdraftPlus’ Backup plugin.

Then when I click 'Rescan remote storage", it list backup files of not only current WordPress site but also other 4 websites. That’s a problem.

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I have opened a new account for each of my sites. Although this is not the solution.

Someone has tried to solve this problem before.



A little workaround for now …

  • Creating seperate dropbox account for each site with e-mail alias.
  • Linking seperate Dropbox to each site.

But it doesn’t solve the actual problem.