Best wordpress hosting for 10$ - 2GB

Currently I am on cloudways 20$ plan (2GB, 55GB).

I want to move out to another hosting provider like vultr or DO. Both provides same feature droplets on 10$.
Which one you preferred ? Any other provider ?

Also, for hosting on DO or any other providers, what is the best way to manage security and SSL certificates etc. ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Got this link Best Hosting for WordPress in my opinion. It explained almost everything. Still, DO or vultr ?

i want to ask, how is the service in cloudways? why do you want to move? and how many visitors and pageviews can you take from your plan? i am planning to move to cloudways.

Is their customer service helpful? i have heard a number of not so good review. thats the only thing i havent moved to there yet.

have a look on Kinsta?

Specifications are same, not features.

One is unmanaged, other is managed

good but pricy :frowning:

yes. I want to move to unmanaged :slight_smile: your youtube video is helpfull. I haven’t used OpenLiteSpeed before. How do you manage auto update of ssl ?

For India

L > D > V

For US

V > L > D

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See …

Which hosting provider is this?

Linode - I think its Mumbai based DC is much faster compared to D.