Beware of Truepush Fraud Notifications

Such notifications are being sent to my subscriber by Truepush, in which there is a message about winning prizes. On clicking the notification, each subscriber is being sent to a different website. Where a scratch card like Google Pay scratch card is available. Upon scratching the scratch card, a random message winning Rs 4 thousand 5 thousand or more comes. And a button is given at the bottom to send this money to his account, as soon as a user clicks on the button given below, he reaches the page of sending money on phone pay, where if he enters his password, then his Money is deducted from the account and goes to another account. I have more than 80 thousand users, don’t know how many users have been cheated. Many times such notifications have been sent to the users by Truepush in the past as well. On which I did not pay attention, I thought these are some promotional notification that have been sent. I am very upset.
please suggest what I have to do?
websites that notification redirect -
bestoffaronlyforyou. go2. in. net/
kashback-vibes. xyz/

Use self-hosted services like Larapush

one signal is still the best