Bing deindexed my site, traffic dropped [September 2020]

I am not sure what is wrong, but today my traffic is down by 50 percent.

Anyone facing same problem?

Now I got the issue.

Bing deindexed my site… and below is the error. Anyone knows how to solve it?

The inspected URL has been indexed successfully but there are some issues which might prevent us from serving it to our users. Please contact Bing Webmaster support for more details

Hello. The same here. 2 of my websites were both removed from Bing index this month. Please help to know the issue and solve it. I lost 70%+ of my traffic because of this and my business is down.

@Victor_Emanuel Welcome to #HGK. Can you please try to find out is there any issues on your site pages or from the server-side ?

Thank you. There are no server or site-related issues. About a month ago I was contacted by my hosting provider telling me to remove one page from my website. They received a Copyright Complaint. I removed everything and so site is safe. But I suspect that Bing also received this Copyright Complaint and they simply decided to remove 2 of my websites (although only one had problems, but they are pretty similar). However there is nothing in webmaster tools. Nothing. Just traffic being down to 0 now. When I use URL Inspection to inspect any of my site URL’s, here is what I get:

Indexed but cannot be served
URL cannot appear on Bing Index

Canonical URL –

The inspected URL has been indexed successfully but there are some issues which might prevent us from serving it to our users. Please contact Bing Webmaster support for more details

Also, when searching on Bing, I get no results:

Some results have been removed

Same issue here. Since last week following up with Bing support, but no updates.

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I am getting the same error after redirecting my old domain to new domain :slight_smile:

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Nice graph. So there is hope:)

Trying to build an email list so I don’t be highly dependent on SERPs.

Same issue I lost my traffic. They didn’t mention which guideline I violated. But they said, “update your site according to the guidelines we will index in bing”.

But I don’t know what to fix in my website. I removed my old post from my blog week ago and i didn’t redirect them. This might be the issue i have noticed.

Looks like something is wrong from Bing’s End. If your majority of the traffic from Bing then you need to worry about it.
have you directly contacted the Bing Webmasters team?

Yes, I completed the this form. No answer yet. :unamused:

I lost 100% traffic. They sent this mail to me. But how can i fix my site? I don’t know what guideline I violated. Any possibilities to redesign my site according to their guidelines?

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My website is also blocked by Bing, and I have received the same reply.

I’m not sure what to fix to comply with Bing Webmaster guidelines.

If anyone solved the issue and got re-indexed in Bing, please share what changes you have made to comply with Bing.

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After @GulshanKumar’s Tweet I checked and same for my website. My traffic from Bing is 0. However, my website traffic grown from last few weeks, because my website is ranking good on Google.

DuckDuckGo also removed my website from their Search results.

Everything seems to be fine in in Bing Webmaster but all the URLs are removed from Bing.

I got two issues in my Sitemap:

Anyone else got these issues?

Yes, in Top Stories and News Tab and Discover

Bing deindexed my site for no reason. I contacted them and after a few days, they have fixed everything.

I believe, BingBots blocked the site for no reason and after manual review, they understood there were no problems and fixed it.

Really I can’t make any head or tail about what’s happening on Bing.
My websites are ranking and continuously getting traffic from it. Although it is a Indian targeted website so traffic quantity is too low but still I haven’t faced any deindexing issues yet.