Bing Suddenly De indexed My site without giving any Warning

On 29th March 2021, My website is blocked by bing. Traffic suddenly dropped. When I contacted to webmaster team they sent me a message

Hello User,

Thank you for your patience during our investigation. After further review, it appears that your site had issues with meeting the standards set by Bing to remain indexed the last time it was crawled. To ensure that this was not a false flag, I also escalated the issue to next level and they manually reviewed your site and confirmed that it is in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines detailed here:

We are not able to provide specifics for these types of issues because the relevant teams do not share reports with us. but we recommend that you review our Webmaster Guidelines, especially the section Things to Avoid, and thoroughly check your site for any deliberately or accidentally employed SEO techniques that may have adversely affected your standing in Bing and Bing-powered search results. We will not be able to add your site to the index while Bingbot is finding it in violation Webmaster Guidelines. We have no control over this process and you will need to make quality changes to your site and wait for Bingbot’s automated crawling process to agree that the site passes Webmaster standards before it can be served.

Note: My website doesn’t belong to porn, gambling, or any other misleading content.

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IF you main visitors are from India, ignore this Bing shit.
Bing will check Google, if site is indexed, it will index again.

Because Its Not Google, it sucks.

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Search the community there are multiple thread similar to this for same problem.

A quick way to fix is reach out to their support via email which you can get from your webmaster tool.

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My main visitor from the USA and UK. Now have 0 traffic from Bing.

I mailed to Bing webmaster tool and I got reply which I mentioned above.