Block all EU traffic


To block EU with cloudflare, if you use apache then just prepend a php file with every request… that checks
CF-IPCountry header provided… now you can kill connection if any EU country header is found…


CIDRAM does not have block list to block all 32 countries that constitute EEA. Small countries are not their… so i guess you can’t block them with it.


What is this? Related to GDPR?


GDPR fine amount … if you don’t follow it… and anyone filed a case against you


whichever is higher… so that is 20 million :no_mouth:


In case you want to block, Cloudflare > Firewall > Access Rules option would be helpful.

Alternative methods: How can I block country from accessing my site?

GDPR - Beginners guide

I’m in! :no_entry::no_entry_sign::warning::no_entry_sign::no_entry:


Looks like you have a lot of traffic from EU xD


Done blocking all EU countries… :smirk_cat:


Finally! … Glad to see You on the same bandwagon as myself :wink:



It’s not about revenue. I do not want the readers to suffer just because of a law. They don’t deserve this.


Not everyone has 80% of their traffic coming from EU


I have like 20% but still I won’t block them :slight_smile:


Please have a look, I hope it allow breathing in this difficult moment.


For the customers who are situated in EU or are browsing any of our product from EU, We have got an audited and certified infrastructure with proper policy pages & stuff. And for the products that are not intended for EU, we have blocked access to prevent accidental mishap!


Hey Gulshan!

Wordpress is GDPR compliant but not all hosting providers are. Even if wordpress is not logging or storing any data, the webserver still does. Sometimes, even as far as mysql or php. It’s not worth the risk.


Let me tell you!

If they are a traveller and accessing your product from outside EU, you can still defend yourself saying that it was not intentional damage.


I was reading about GDPR and AMP to find out how Google is preparing. This sentence is bit shocking. How should we detect EU Citizen?



This is false. If a EU citizen is in the US, then he is covered by the US law and not EU.


Okay… Thanks for the updating.