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Blocking tier-3 countries

So I have this website which gets about 40% of traffic from tier-3 countries (India, Pak, Bangladesh, Philippines etc.) And generates about $20 per month. I’m using Ezoic right and since the percentage is on higher side from these countries Mediavine won’t accept me. Do you think blocking users from these countries will help me to show good percentage of tier-1 countries? I’m aware of the fact that the Google analytics will show a huge drop but I watned to focus on tier-1 countries only. Any suggestions? Or anyone has done this before?

Bad idea.
The idea is to pick topics that attract user from those countries


Normal AdSense will perform better than any ad partner for those countries. (Personal experience)

Is there any way I Ezoic where I run Adsense for India and Ezoic for rest of the countries?

To block, create a rule in Cloudflare Firewall.

Complicated. Better to go with top level google certified partners like Adpushup if you have heavy traffic.

None pays any good.
Even among all ezoic pays the best. Their speed is the issue otherwise if your traffic grows and you stay with them longer, the machine algo optimizes the ads so well that its RPM is comparable to mediavine and adthrive.

Now ezoic has improving their speed