Blog commenting on DA 20-30 is Good or Bad for SEO?


Hello, HGK!

With right content in blog comments (no spam), is it good to do that on sites having DA 20-30?

I do blog comments on high DA like above 60 too. I’m curious to know about blog commenting on decent DA.


Note: Topic is about only D0follow comments link


I hardly see any site, which gives do follow links to comment.

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Exactly, and those who give dofollow links in comments are already abused by others so that also doesn’t work.

And Comment backlinks are built to get NO FOLLOW LINKS ONLY!

There is no way to get DO FOLLOW LINKS BY COMMENTING.


All are auto approval blog comments site having good DA and Traffic. A competitor link profile has 50k of these dofollow links. The competitor is ranking very well.

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Hello Dinesh

Only comment backlinks can not be reason for some site ranking well, many other factors matter too. Maybe he has good content nice UI etc. Maybe he is doing something on page which you are lacking.

All I want to say is if you are really serious about blogging you shouldn’t be wasting time on making spam links by commenting, rather do digging to make your site better for users.

Kind Regards,


You’re right Abhijeet. I’m new to blogging. I have to do On-page seo and content. Thanks for your suggestion. This saved my time.


You’re very welcome dear…!