Blog Traffic December 2018 Analysis


Nope. English


Guys how is your blog traffic now? Mine recovered only 10 percent.


Also see a recovering only 2%


I think that this month the traffic will be low. Hope in new year I just recover my dropped traffic.


I read a post somewhere and all hindi blog traffic is down this month


10% up today


Google says,

  • we don’t need to notify you of bad links because we just ignore them
  • moving hosts should not hurt your rankings in search


I think that google is up promoting youtube videos in serps this is why our post is going down and down.

Earlier google were showing only 1 o 2 youtube videos but now full first page is covered by videos only. This is the reason we are getting less organic traffic on our blog


not new but google is doing since last 1 year


Yes you are right since the evolution of jio


nothing related to jio


Did anybody here traffic improved or it is still down?


My traffic has skyrocketed this month, done nothing special though…


Who is your biggest competitor?

  • Google
  • News websites
  • Branded websites

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same here dude!! :disappointed_relieved: