Blogger Posts are not showing in search Results

I have a website which is hosted in blogger. I have manually submitted my all urls and sitemaps. and afetr some days I checked my url. It is showing that URL is not on Google. I resubmitted my urls. After some days it’s showing Your URL got indexed. but my articles are not showing. How to resolve this issue.

DM me the URL

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Recently, Google Blospot had indexing issue.

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I haven’t faced any issues on my blogspot blogs


Abhishek did you get my url?

Hey @Prakhar,
You need to work a lot on your website’s structure and design.

BTW! All your URLs are indexed well on Google and showing there.

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Thank you abhishek…can you help me to customize my blogger blog?

Yeah sure. Message me on WhatsApp : +919305814247
or on Twitter :

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check your WhatsApp bro

+1 No issue on indexing

Yeah. I already checked