Blogger to WordPress - Question regarding hosting?

Hey all! I’ thinking of buying a hosting for my website and want it to move it from blogger to WordPress.
I haven’t any problem with blogger. but its feature are limited such as URL structure, can’t upload manifest.json or service-worker.js in the root directory.
I want a hosting for my website which has around 5k around monthly visitors. I’m thinking to buy siteground shared hosting 6$/m plan and want it to upgrade it one year later.
@GulshanKumar Please advise me something. I buy HostGator 10$/m before but it’s speed ■■■■■.

Please avoid H, G, and B hosting.


and what is that? Sorry! I’m not expert about these hosting topics. Can you tell me whats best for me cloud, Linux or simple hosting?

Hostgator, godaddy, bluehost.

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I’m such a noobie XD

I am glad to hear you want to use WordPress. This is the far better platform with awesome support and tons of tutorial available online.

In WordPress, you can easily upload.

Siteground is good in my opinion as I had mentioned before in a previous thread, their support system is responsive and caring.

$6/mo plan is a good budget. If you have good understanding of technical thing and you find yourself easy to catch new thing, go for Cloud server instead shared, here’s why

  • Less cost than shared in the long term. You can go with Vultr
  • You can install WordPress on the best stack of your choice. NGINX, PHP 7, MySQL, etc.

My friend @Rishi can help you in this regard more better way.

Thanks & Regards,

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Noobie? You can learn new thing. If time is limited, then only choose shared for cPanel and prompt response of customer services team.

Can I upgrade my plan in vultr cloud hosting in future? like 2CPU to 4CPU without any wordpress migration problem?

Anytime. This is how …

thanks @GulshanKumar , You’re really helpful. can I ask one more question? Because I use blogspot i don’t have to worry about CDN but now I’m thinking to use. Which one you prefer?

You’re welcome!

It is worth choosing a CDN if you are …

  • serving heavy image-content or
  • targeting more than one Country.

Regarding preference, BunnyCDN is best in my opinion. It would be in your budget, speed wise best and also easy to configure. Other CDN may be 5-10x costly.

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Please include Bigrock in this list. They all are same.

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I mean all EIG Group.

Thanks man! I’m starting like you work. You’re really not like those s*** blogger who suggested me hostgator and maxCDN and wasted my money :slight_smile: Because They’ve to fill up there pockets.

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Better leave them on there own.

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