Blogging Niches with High CTR

Which of the blogging niches have high ctr? I am working on an education blog which has very low ctr. Ad placement is good. What is your CTR and blogging niche. Comment in this post.

I would suggest stop chasing adsense and ctr.

Focus on tier 1 audience and go with good ad network like mediavine or adthrive.

There is a lot of advantages to this:-

  1. No clawback, What you see is what you get.
  2. No problem of invalid traffic, fraud clicks, bans, etc.
  3. A heck lot of money for same amount of efforts.
  4. No ad placement and all optimization needed.

Another main problem is looking at monetization from just one angle. Why should ad be your only income.

In last two years I have diversified how I earn income from my blogs. The key is never put all your eggs in one basket.

Go with ads, multiple affiliate, ebooks, courses, printables, digital downloads, merchandise, and lot more.

Let me give you an example of one of my blogs.

The blog is in pets niche.
Last month traffic approx 100k pv
Other affiliate:-300$

That’s quite less, but thats because it was January and that’s the worst performance time for affiliate and ads.

Now this month i am going to add merchandise into this and take it to the next level.

Think of each blog as a potential business with infinite possibilities and not only as a simple blog made for adsense.

When you do it this way, niche will be the least of concern. Yes, some niches earns more while other earns less but as a whole each blog will atleast make enough that it can be a business in itself.

Also make it as passive as possible so you can stop working on the blog and yet it keeps on bringing you paycheck while you are working on second and third.

Hope that helps!

Update:- As you wanted to know the ctr, I don’t have a data on that but as per my network here is my rpm for last few months on this website:-
July: 17$
August: 17$
September: 21$
October: 22$
November: 26$
December: 28$
January: 14$.

So this means with 100k pv the ads will make me anywhere between 1400-3000$ per month depending upon time of year.


I also have another point to make here.
The problem is in the learning. Most bloggers in india will teach you how to earn a few 1000$ by running event blogs and shayari and lyrics etc etc etc.

These might work for a short time or some people may earn money this way but it is definitely not something everyone will do good with.

Taking a longterm approach keeping a business mentality in mind is important.

Adsense doesn’t work for everyone.
Its important to come out of that mindset and use the platform of internet as a global platform to reach clients and audience which we cannot reach physically.

And most importantly learn to diverse and make a business out of it else its only going to be struggle and side earning which you will make for few years and move on!


Hi Saurav.

What is the best ad network or Ad exchange for Indian traffic other than Adsense.

Indian traffic is tough to monetize.

The best you can get is ezoic. But then it makes the site slow which is a hurdle you have to go through.

If the content is really good and not something you can find on any xyz blog, people will still come. I have used ezoic on this blog for few months when traffic was between 10-30k. But i switched to mediavine as soon as i got to that level.

Now i prefer no ads till 30k then directly go with mediavine itself.

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I would suggest monetization with affiliates and stuff.
The ROI is much better that way.

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Can I know how do you cross sell books in the pet niche.

Are the books that you are selling relevant to your niche?

Books are written and self-published by me on various platforms.
I dont sell someone else book. Only mine.
In total I have published 7 books so far in different niches.

Thank you so much for your reply.

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Hi @saurav_556, which affiliate would you suggest for a tech/programming niche website (the majority of traffic is coming from the USA, UK, Canada, Aus, Fr )? and another website primary focus on laws education with 100% Indian traffic.

@saurav_556 Good to hear bro.

For tech niche with that sort of traffic i would suggest go with ads first. With any good ad network you can easily earn 20-40$ RPM in that niche.

Secondly you can join flexoffer. Thats similar to cj but much better. There you can specifically find program for niche and country and filter by epc. They also rank the best performing program. So an easy choice.

I am not sure what would work in education niche with indian traffic. You can try info product like courses and books. You can also refer to udemy, skillshare and similar networks for skill building courses. It will be a try and error thing for indian audience.

@saurav_556 Can I use amazon affiliate on the subdomain of the main site. For example:

Will it help to rank fast. Actually, I don’t want to make another website for an affiliate product review.

Even if you use on the main site its not an issue. Just make sure its placed in a right way and helps the user.

It should compliment the article and not be like you are forefully pushing user out.

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